Registry Offices

The website of the General Registry Office has a search facility where you can enter the postcode of the place where the person died and the site will find the local Registry Office for you. You will have to contact the Registry Office for the place where the person died, rather than for where they lived.

If you have any problems, call them at 0845 603 7788. You can then contact them to establish their opening hours and whether you need to make an appointment in order to register the death.

Remember to take the medical certificate of the cause of death which has been given to you by the doctor or hospital. If you can find birth or marriage certificates, take them too. The registrar will ask you for the person’s maiden name, date and place of birth, last occupation and that of their spouse, the date of birth of any surviving partner and whether they were in receipt of a state pension or other public funds.

If the Coroner’s Office is involved, they will advise you regarding registration.