In 2015, AH Freemantle pledged to support the Quaker Social Action Charity’s Fair Funerals Campaign.


We understand that paying for a funeral can be expensive and confusing. When people are bereaved, they can find it hard to make informed judgments, particularly financial ones. We agree with the Charity’s view that it is often difficult to find clear, comparable information about what funerals really cost. That is why we believe it is so important for us to be clear about our pricing structure.

What is the Fair Funerals pledge?

The Fair Funerals consists of a series of basic principles which are designed to help people on low incomes access funerals they can afford. It asks funeral directors to provide clear, comparable prices so people know what they’re paying for. It also asks them to make the price of their most affordable funeral visible to the public.

By pledging our support, A H Freemantle Funeral Directors commit to:

  1. Recognise that funerals can be expensive, and that many people struggle with the cost
  2. Ensure that our most affordable funeral package is visible to the public, including third party costs
  3. Charge clear prices for goods and services, so people know what they’re paying for
  4. Communicate prices in initial conversations and prominently display full price lists.

What are the costs?

In addition to our standard prices, we have introduced two fixed price funeral packages. These packages offer families the opportunity to say farewell to their loved ones in a dignified way while keeping costs to a minimum.

We offer these two funeral services in good faith, but we offer no variation of the services included in the fixed price. Should you require us to provide any additional components not included in the fixed price (for example, provision of a limousine, press announcements, provision of floral tributes, etc.) then our standard price list will apply.

We really do want to help so please email or speak to us if you are in any doubt.

Fixed Price Package One

Cremation Committal only including all fees   |   £1500 inclusive of disbursements

Full payment is required prior to the cremation.

Funerals conducted as part of this package will take place prior to 10 o’clock on a weekday morning of our choosing, to take advantage of lower crematorium prices. Portchester crematorium fees are fixed throughout the day, therefore with our agreement a committal later in the day may be possible. Mourners may attend and listen to music if they wish, but there will be no funeral service. Doctors’ cremation certificate fees and the crematorium fee are included in the price, as is a suitable coffin. The price also includes us taking the deceased into our care during office hours (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday). The coffin will be in situ at the crematorium prior to the mourners’ arrival. The coffin will be transported to the crematorium in a suitable vehicle, which may not be a hearse. No pall bearers will attend and the coffin will be brought into the crematorium chapel on a trolley. While this represents the simplest type of funeral that we offer, there will be no difference in the high level of care and respect we will show the deceased throughout, and we will ensure that the funeral remains as dignified as possible.

Fixed Price Package Two

Cremation Service: Fair Price Funeral   |   £1500 plus disbursements and coffin

Payment of the disbursement fees are required prior to the funeral.

We offer a simple but dignified Fair Price funeral package for a set fee of £1500 . This includes us taking the deceased into our care during office hours (from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday); a suitable coffin; a hearse that will drive from our premises direct to the crematorium; all administration, and attendance of four bearers and a funeral director. You may also visit your loved one in our chapel of rest during daytime hours on weekdays, subject to prior arrangement. Disbursement fees need to be added to this price which will include the crematorium fee, and Dr’s and minster’s fees where applicable.

The Fair Price Funeral is offered as a low cost option with limited staff and other resources which allows us to keep costs down, and is explained to all our clients to ensure that they are aware of the options available to them.

Examples of what is not included in a Fair Price Funeral:

  • It is not always possible for the family to choose the exact date or time of the funeral service
  • Bringing the deceased into our care outside office hours or from over 10 miles radius.
  • Embalming
  • Chapel visits may be restricted
  • Additional transport for the funeral.
  • Collection of donations by us.

Our Standard Fees

For a full list of our prices, and to enable us to give you an accurate quotation please call or email one of our branches. As an independent family company we are pleased to advise and help without obligation. However, some costs are outlined below.

Funeral costs are made up of two charges. Our fees, and those fees payable on your behalf also known as ‘disbursements’.


Disbursements refer to the fees that we pay on your behalf and will include the fees for any minister, the fee for the use of the church or funeral venue, the cemetery or churchyard fees, crematorium and doctors’ fees, newspaper announcements, catering and flowers.

Examples of current disbursements are as follows:

  • Cremation at Portchester Crematorium excluding organist £595.00
  • Cremation at Southampton Crematorium excluding organist £770.00
  • Cremation at Wessex Vale (Hedge End) including organist £845.00
  • Doctors’ cremation certificate fees £164.00
  • Ministers’ fees (these do vary from parish to parish) approximately £195.00*
  • Purchase of a new grave in a plot selected by Fareham Borough Council £570
  • Interment in a new grave in a Fareham Borough Council run cemetery £745
  • Purchase of a cremation plot selected by Fareham Borough council £195
  • Fee to Fareham Borough Council for the interment of ashes £180

Our Fees

Our services include:

  • Meeting to discuss arrangements and advice on certification, registration and other documentation
  • Preparation and care of the deceased prior to the funeral
  • Attending to all necessary arrangements with local authorities and clergy
  • You are welcome to visit your loved one at any time that is suitable to you, by prior arrangement (although there may be restrictions under some circumstances)
  • The payment of the necessary disbursement fees
  • The placing of obituary notices
  • Reception and care of the floral tributes and list of donors if required
  • Receipt, care and forwarding of donations to any selected charity together with provision of a list of donors to yourself
  • Provision and attendance of pall bearers and Funeral Director
  • Setting up a memorial website in memory of the person who has died, to enable friends and loved ones to leave messages of condolence and support, and to make charitable donations online to a chosen charity/charities in memory of the deceased.
  • Making other arrangements as instructed

The total fee for our services is currently £1300.00

Additional charges which may apply are as follows:

  • Bringing the deceased into our care during normal office hours (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday) £145
  • Bringing the deceased into our care outside office hours or on a Bank Holiday £220
  • A coffin of your choice:
    • Real oak or mahogany veneered coffin from £425
    • Wood veneered coffin with panelled sides or raised lid from  £475
    • Wood veneered coffin with panelled sides and raised lid from £530
    • Solid wood coffin from £850
    • Solid wood coffin with panelled sides or raised lid from £950
    • Solid wood coffin with panelled sides and raised lid from £1000
    • Wicker, willow or bespoke coffins from £600
    • Provision of a hearse and chauffeur from £395
    • Provision of a horse drawn hearse from £795
    • Provision of a limousine and chauffeur from £210
    • Hygienic treatment (embalming) £100
  • Printed Orders of Service including photographs if required:
    • 4 page A5 booklet: £1.50 per copy with a minimum order of £37.50 for 25 copies
    • 8 page A5 booklet £1.75 per copy with a minimum order of £43.75 for 25 copies
  • Oak ashes casket with inscription plate and end rings £75
  • Arranging and attending ashes interment £70
  • Cardboard scatter tubes for the scattering of ashes £45 (smaller sizes are available on request)
  • Water pillow for the scattering of ashes at sea £60
  • Other types of caskets are available

These prices are all correct until 31st December 2017 unless otherwise stated

  •  * Fee dependent on parish