Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

It’s not a thought that most of us are ready to contemplate – our own funeral.  Increasingly, however, people are thinking about their future and investing in the reassurance and freedom that a funeral plan can bring.  A funeral plan is an easy way to plan ahead.  All our plans are placed with Golden Charter, the country’s largest funeral plan provider.

In our booklet we outline the prices you will need to pay for a funeral plan of your choice.  We have included two set price, fully guaranteed options.  This means that no matter how much our fees and third party costs rise in the future, A H Freemantle will not ask for any further payments when the plan is activated.

The third option is a bespoke plan, referred to as the Independent Way.  You choose the funeral you want and fix the cost of A H Freemantles’ services at today’s prices. There is an allowance towards the cost of the disbursements (fees we pay on your behalf such as churches, crematoriums, ministers).

In the vast majority of cases, the allowance is sufficient to cover the whole of these costs, but they are not guaranteed to be covered as any price rises by third parties are outside our control.

Once you have considered the options, please give us a call if you feel you need any further information, or email us at

We will be happy to advise you on whether the funeral plan is the correct product for you, confirm what the costs might be, or indeed suggest other options.  All of this is obligation free.

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Set Price Plan One

Simple cremation only plan:                                            

£1900 all inclusive and fully guaranteed*                       

Funerals based around this package will take place prior to 10 am on a weekday morning of our choosing, at a crematorium of our choosing – usually Portchester. Mourners may attend and listen to music if they wish, but there will be no funeral service.  Doctors’ cremation certificate fees and the crematorium fee are included in the price.  The coffin will be in situ at the crematorium prior to the mourners’ arrival. The coffin will be transported to the crematorium in a suitable vehicle, which may not be a hearse.  No pall bearers will attend and the coffin will be brought into the crematorium chapel on a trolley.  While this represents the simplest type of funeral that we offer, there will be no difference in the high level of care and respect we will show the deceased throughout, and we will ensure that the funeral remains as dignified as possible.  One of our professionally trained funeral directors will  be in attendance.

We will bring your loved ones ashes into our care following the cremation, or carry out any further instructions as requested.

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Set Price Plan Two 

Cremation with Service at Crematorium

£2900 all inclusive and fully guaranteed *

This Fair Price Funeral Plan includes:

  • taking the deceased into our care at any time within a 15 mile radius
  • a quality wood veneer coffin;
  • a hearse that will drive from our premises direct to Portchester Crematorium.
  • all administration relating to the funeral arrangements, and attendance of four bearers and a funeral director.
  • provision of 25 orders of service.

You may also visit your loved one in our chapel of rest during daytime hours on weekdays, subject to prior arrangement.

The disbursements of Portchester crematorium fee, doctors cremation certificate fees (where required) and a celebrant or minister fee are all included.

A Set Price Plan cannot be changed or added to at the time of need, but you can upgrade it at a later date if you wish, prior to it being required.

All of our Set Cremation Plans are completely flexible, so if you move house at a later date, or you wish to use the plan for somebody other than yourself, our Plan can still be delivered. In the case of Re-location, Golden Charter will assist with the transfer of the Plan to another Independent Funeral Director in your new locality.

Should you wish to use an alternative more expensive crematorium, it will be necessary to add the differece between the fees to your plan.

* All plans are Inclusive of Golden Charter fees

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The Independent Way 

Arranging and Conducting the Funeral £1850

"This also includes all plan administration and setup costs *

We are available 24 hours a day should you need, either at your home or in one of our offices. We will advise you and take instructions in respect of the funeral arrangements; liaise with and make payments to external parties on your behalf; provide advice and guidance on registration and benefits agency procedures. On the day of the funeral we will provide pall bearers and your personal funeral director who has made all the arrangements with you, will also be in attendance.

  • Bringing the deceased person into our care £145
  • Outside of office hours (i.e not Mon to Fri 8am-6 pm) £245
  • Hearse & Chauffeur £420 Horse Drawn Hearse from £850
  • Limousine & Chauffeur price from £235
  • Hygienic Treatment (Embalming) £150
  • Temporary Grave Marker £60

Orders of Service: 

  • 4 page A5 booklet – £1.50 per copy minimum order £37.50
  • 8 page A5 booklet – £1.75 per copy minimum order £43.75

Cremated Remains: 

  • Solid Oak Ashes Casket £80
  • Water Pillow’ for burial at sea £45
  • Scatter tube, various designs £25

Other types of caskets are available, please ask.

  • Coffins – prices from: Wood Veneer £450
  • Wood veneer, panelled sides or raised lid £550
  • Wood veneer, panelled sides and raised lid £650
  • Solid wood from £850
  • Solid wood, panelled sides or raised lid £950
  • Solid wood, panelled sides and raised lid £1000 
  • Willow, Wicker or Bespoke from £650
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Disbursements may include: 

  • Portchester Crematorium £630
  • Organist 30 minute service £58
  • Organist 45 minute service £68
  • Wessex Vale Crematorium £945
  • Southampton Crematorium (organist is extra) £825 
  • Doctor’s Cremation Certificate Fees £164
  • Church Service £240*
  • Organist £75*
  • Verger £25*
  • Minister at the Crematorium only £210*
  • Non-religious officiator £120-£190
  • Southampton Council Grave Purchase and Burial £1764
  • Fareham Council Grave Purchase and Burial £1460
  • Other interment options and fees available on request.

* Fees dependent on parish

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